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Expertise, training and software solutions for digital imaging, color management, and color printing.

Understanding digital color better for better profits

A compass for finding you own direction

How many times did you receive blur, fuzzy and contradictory information about color and about the digital tools you are using every day or you wish to integrate? Communication changed quickly from an artisan and manual stage using a lot of "Black Art" to a high tech industry requiring rigorous and scientific production methods.

Becoming cross-media, Communication today requires full control of Digital Imaging and color measurement in all fields of the image and documents acquisition, creation, retouching, archiving, reproduction and diffusion. In addition, even more than yesterday, when production tools are everyday more powerful and affordable by everybody, the expertise of Men makes the difference and the success of your Company.

No longer try to learn and remember instructions guides: your detailed comprehension of the physical principles your production's software and hardware are using is strategic and relevant. You should learn more about imaging technologies than your Suppliers.

Colorsource offer you their services of Audit, Advice, and Training, for helping you enhancing your quality and your productivity with your current production tools, for helping you integrating very quickly all new digital imaging technologies, and optimizing the effectiveness of production by retaining of the best available Market solutions for your needs.

Colorsource also offer engineering and software development services, and a range of affordable standard applications allowing all Print Houses to enhance their quality and productivity thanks to excellent press settings.

With Colorsource, the thorough control of color reproduction by professional Users who are already familiar with market standard production tools only requires a few in depths training days.

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