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Colorsource color management scope notes

Beamers tests:

PC Expert French Magazine test bench January 2004 of 19 video projectors by using measurement capabilities of the Eye-One Pro. Get you the complete paper: Many Vendors announce performances much higher than measured do. Some of these products are a VERY bad deal.

 Test protocol
(French paper)
 Example of a test

How to use Colorsource CMYK cromalin profile:

Instructions of Colorsource free I.C.C. cromalin profile (Click here to download this profile)

 French version only

A better RGB workspace for Photoshop:

 Follow this link

Important note about GretagMacbeth monitor calibration software:

 French version only

UV filter or no UV filter on your Eye-One Pro?

 French version only

Short user guide for the free software Eye-One Share v1.3:

 French version only

CxF (Color eXchange Format) file format specifications:


Old domestic inkjet printers test:

PC Expert French Magazine May 2003 test bench of domestic color printers by using measuring instruments.
Get the complete paper including a serious study of real costs by copy. Some of these products are a VERY bad deal.

 Extract of the paper
(French paper)

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