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Color Audit & advising:

After the last 15 last years of continuous technological changes you find yourself with a vast park of hardware and software production tools, established productions methods and working habits, that certainly never solved some strange recurrent problems, but have the merit to keep your production fluent:

You now wish to optimize your production process, quality, and workflow at best cost:

  • What need to be updated, what should be kept, what should be replaced?

  • How can you reorganize your production process and methods?

  • What should be the training scheme of for your Staff, for a successful move to full digital workflow with enhanced quality and productivity?

  • Which are the critical technical specifications of newer tools?

  • How to assess real qualities of future equipments and their adaptation to your needs, without satisfying with the promises of the Salesman or Vendor?

  • How to negotiate better in the event of disagreement with a Supplier or a Customer?

  • How to promote your progresses to your Partners, subcontractors, and Customers?

By its independent position from any Vendor, by its independence of mind and its expertise in color digital imaging, Colorsource may help you making the right strategic choices and optimizing your investments.

We offer you to take advantage of more than 33 years experience in professional digital imaging, acquired by working in technical and commercial partnership with the largest world manufacturers of image processing systems, color measuring instruments, scanners, monitors, digital printers and color proofers and associated software and drivers, but also in many other fields of Digital imaging, such as optical and electron microscopy, non destructive testing, medical and multi-media imaging, automotive Industry, cinema Industry etc.


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