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Save time and paper at each print run using Colorsource applications dedicated to publishing AND packaging Print Houses


Download our brand new FREE Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control v1.5 application for controlling your CMYK Proofs and Prints, and much more:

Your free control application allows fast and easy control of all CMYK proofs by using UGRA/Fogra Media Wedge 2, Media Wedge 3, Colorsource ISO 12647-7, or IDEAlliance ISO12647-7 2009 or 2013 control bars.

The ΔE76 visual distance formula used by ISO12647-x standards is no longer used in any serious Industry, because ΔE76 does not measure accurately the perceived color distances by human vision. Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control allows you controlling your proofs according to ISO12647-7 and G7/IDEAlliance, but also it allows you much more reliable print and proofs quality controls by using ΔE2000 visual distance evaluation.

Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control works with the market competitive 45/0° scanning spectrophotometers  (X-Rite, Techkon, Konica-Minolta).

With Colorsource applications, the i1Pro 1, 2 or 3 spectrophotometers become the most productive AND affordable X-Rite pressroom spectrophotometers. Similarly, with Konica-Minolta you should use MYIRO rather than the unnecessarily expensive FD7.

Colorsource software solutions for Graphic Industries

Discover the innovative and high R.O.I. software we have developed for your business:

The standard software tools we have developed, allow all Publishing and Packaging printers to control their CMYK  and special inks and optimize the settings of their offset, gravure and flexo presses, both in four-color and polychromy:

  • Software allowing a very fast and reliable control of proofs and traditional and digital prints,

  • Software for optimizing the quality of your prints in 2 to 10 colors, offset, gravure and flexo, and also calibrate your printing presses to match ISO12647-2 (Offset), ISO12647-3 (Newspapers), ISO12647-4 (Rotogravure), ISO12647-6 (Flexography) and G7/IDEAlliance (The strange American interpretation of ISO12647-2 for offset printing),

  • Software for optimizing your working process and workflow in design, repro and digital proofing, for the producing 2 to 10 colors prints.

And this using standard, efficient and inexpensive measurement tools. For example, MagicPress and MagicPrepress can use the spectral measurement data in CGATS format produced by almost all competitive 45/0° scanning spectrophotometers on the market such as X-Rite (i1Pro 1, 2, 3 family), Konica-Minolta (MYIRO and FD7) or Techkon.

Actually, you will find that the quality and productivity of your color printing process does not depend on the spectrophotometer model you are using, but mainly on the software applications that exploit your spectral measurements data: And that's the specialty of Colorsource!

Do not hesitate to ask us for remote demonstrations of our software, which we will perform using Microsoft Teams or Zoom!

List of ISO 12647 CMYK aims for sheet fed offset press
Computing optimal CMYK print densities for matching an ISO 12647 standard, using MagicPress application.


MagicPress application icon

Setting your optimal CMYK print densities for matching ISO12647-2-3-4-6, G7/IDEAlliance or your own private standards:

MagicPress application: For computing at each press-setting the optimal density of each C, M, Y and K solid ink allowing to match the relevant ISO 12647-2-3-4-6, G7/IDEAlliance, or your own custom C.I.E. Lab target colors, with taking into account the stock inks and paper spectral data.  Also works with any one to ten inks, with or without CMYK process base.


MagicPrepress application icon

Computing optimal CMYK correction curves for matching ISO12647-2-3-4-6, G7/IDEAlliance or your own private standards:

MagicPrepress application: For computing the CMYK printing forms correction curves, allowing matching the relevant ISO12647-2-3-4-6 or IDEAlliance or your own CUSTOM C.I.E. Lab target colors C.I.E. Lab target colors on all CMYK screened tones.  Also works with any one to ten inks, with or without CMYK process base.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress
N-CLR options

Specifying, optimizing, recording, communicating and matching any N-CLR printing standard with or without a CMYK base

SPOT_Color_Manager application: For helping to the ink formulation, controlling your inks color quality at reception and computing spot colors optimal print density BEFORE you install your inks on your press.

Do not hesitate asking us remote support or demos using Microsoft Teams or Zoom applications!

Computing seven optimal print form correction curves for matching a seven colors CMYK + Green + Violet + Orange print standard, using Colorsource MagicPrepress application

Displaying seven optimal print form correction curves for matching a seven colors CMYK + Green + Violet + Orange print standard with custom chosen control points, using Colorsource MagicPrepress application.


PLATE application icon

Calibrating and controlling your lithographic offset plates:

PLATE application: For your CtP calibration, with an excellent accuracy even on self-developing offset plates with high N-factor and very low optical contrast.


ICC_Profile_Convertor application icon

The ideal and innovative software for optimizing your 2 to 10 colors Design and Repro processes with using all existing Graphic Industries standard low cost software and hardware production tools:

This Colorsource software turns N-Colors Design, Repro, and Proofing works becoming as simple, accurate, fast, and easy as for CMYK jobs.

A must for packaging and high-end color printing Industry!

At least for the ones who don't like heavy, complex, unproductive, and ruinous solutions. Yes, there are now a few ones among Print Buyers and Print Producers ;-))


CMYK_Backgrounds application icon

With CMYK_Backgrounds application, optimize your print works on colored or transparent medias, with or without white ink:

CMYK + RGB colors when printing on red substrate with different numbers of white ink layers

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