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Color teaching tools

Theoretical and practical trainings:

Standard software:

  • Excel, PowerPoint

  • Colorsource simulation programs

  • X-Rite Colorshop, GretagMacbeth Eye-One Share, ColorLab, KeyWizard, ProfileMaker 5 Packaging Pro and iQueue 140

  • Adobe Creative Suite Premium

Standard equipments:

  • Digital camera usable in manual mode with RAW format

  • Flatbed scanner

  • PostScript color Printer usable in RGB and CMYK modes with professional external RIP

  • Connected universal spectrophotometer Eye-One Pro

  • Multi illuminants Light cabin

Course manuals:

The success of short trainings rests on personal work and investment of the Attendants after each training course, the session being intended for understanding well each key point and the logic of induced processing methods.
All of our trainings are thus followed handing-over complete documents courses allowing a good assimilation of knowledge, which can be specifically adapted or developed if needed about any specific color management problems you would have.

Other equipments:

Complementary measurement equipments such as sphere spectrophotometers or specific offset plate readers can be used at the time of trainings on special subjects.

Customers work tools (scanners, printers, cameras, monitors, film recorders, plate setters, printing presses etc.) are usable on request at the time of the practical part of the training sessions.


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