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Technical Support to Graphic Industries

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Technical support:

Knowing all the details of what a Product does or does not is not very interesting, as long as you do not know what this product SHOULD do for your Business.

We can assist you for the technical specifications, choice, establishment, use, and settings of your production hardware and software.

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Product Trainings and debugging:

In addition to our general theoretical and practical digital color trainings, we can assist you for starting your hardware and software, by specific trainings to the advanced use of these products.

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Protection of your interests:

In the event of problems with a recently installed product and a disagreement with its Supplier, we can check for you the adaptation of this product specification, the product technical conformity to this advertised specification, its good design and its good installation, in order to help you settle this disagreement by friendly approach if possible.
Yet today, many products on the market do not fulfill their advertised specifications and we must say this is rather specific to Graphic Industries and imaging products Markets.

Better is worth anyhow to prevent than to cure, and a good training to digital color will avoid you many mistakes and of wastes of time and money.

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