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Useful links about color management

The official web site of the I.C.C. (International Color Consortium).
You can download there whole technical specifications of I.C.C. architecture and profiles.

Be careful however: The adhesion of a commercial Company to the I.C.C. is not a pledge of quality of its products. Not more a quality proof than a Pantone certification or a Brunner control bar on a color proof!

Among I.C.C. members, several important Vendors whose printers, scanners or software are unable to correctly use (or create) I.C.C. profiles.

As for any other "Business to business" Market, it belongs to the End User to assess the real quality of products. The Vendor is never held responsible of selling non-working or badly designed products, because he is not supposed to have the knowledge nor the expertise of his Customers!

I.C.C. have however the great merit of putting at disposal of all H/W and S/W developers the full free technical specifications of "I.C.C. profiles " (named "Colorsync profiles" by Apple Computers), in the form of complete downloadable pdf files.

Very useful and free information in English and German and Spanish on the web site of European Color Initiative (ECI) with many interesting downloads.

Iso standards

The ISO page about on-going projects in progress for Graphic technologies

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