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Tailored color management training courses

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Tailored color-training courses:

Specific trainings can be studied at your request to look into more details the theoretical and practical aspects of specific themes or production problems that you meet: For example:

  • Theory and use of scanners and color retouching.

  • Theory and use of contract color proofing and control bars.

  • Advanced use of Color Management Hardware and software.

  • Color separations for offset and drum web printing.

  • Multiple primary color separations and color proofing for Packaging and textile printing.

  • Densitometry, control bars, use of connected apparatuses, and use of press room measurement equipments. Checking control bars and printing plates.

  • Organization of digital production workflows and RGB mode production workflows.

  • Digital color calibration for film and cartoons. Color calibration for movies and television production and postproduction.

  • Commercial valorization of your expertise, and enhancement of technical communication with your Customers and partners.

  • Technical specifications and ergonomics of new products and drivers.

  • Objective quality test of imaging products by using modern spectrophotometers.

  • Training of sales departments and technical support departments for Vendors and Distribution channels (Domestic or professional imaging products).

Complete specific training schemes can be proposed.


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