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Colorsource engineering

Excellent ISO12647-x, G7/IDEAlliance and N-Colors press setting software using very affordable connected scanning spectrophotometers such as Eye-One Pro 1 or 2. The complete toolkit for all Print Houses using offset, gravure, or flexographic printing technologies.


X-Rite the N°2 specialist of quality assurance in Graphic Arts and Photography merged (bought...) with N°1 GretagMacbeth in 2006 and now offer a complete set of products for industrial, prepress, photographic and printing applications (Digital and traditional).


Well known for their Industrial color measurement activities, Konica-Minolta are a new comer on the Graphic Industries market with their brand new (2011) Konica-Minolta FD-7 45/0° multi-illuminants spectrophotometer that could - may be - turn out some day into a high-end Eye-One Pro if more affordable.
Very nice we have a new comer on such a concentrated Market. Welcome to Konica Minolta!


Based in Germany, Just Normlicht today supplement their viewing booths by a range of interesting light measurement spectrophotometers.


Based in Germany, Techkon offer a full set of color management equipments for the pressroom.


Based in Italy, Barbieri offer a full set of products for color management in photographic, prepress, and printing industries.

Datacolor - Colorvision

Specialists of industrial colorimetry, Data Color offer some entry-level solutions for digital color printing.
Problem: Is there REALLY an entry-level market in this strategic field for Graphic Industries?

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