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Why should you train to digital color?

GTO DI four colors offset press
AGFA CtP producing lithographic offset plates
A printing group of a printing press

The graphic production process became virtual:

Your trade rests on data processing, as for the Bank or Insurance Industries. The Image Setter, the CtP, and the analog or digital presses are becoming simple production color peripherals, which have nothing to do at your premises, if you do not need an important production volume.

A majority of Graphic Arts and Photography Professionals were never trained to digital color, but only to use proprietary tools often badly designed and badly documented.

They will not progress any more without a good comprehension of human vision, color measurement, and operation principles of modern production equipments, whichever they are.

Mastering densitometry and color measurement applied to digital imaging is compulsory, not only to optimize the use of existing tools, but also for judicious investment choices. Today, the words "I.C.C." and "Colorsync" are often abusing you: This fashionable vocabulary that you will find in almost all product brochures, is not a pledge of quality or good design of the hardware or software you buy.

On any "Business to Business" Market the Purchaser is always held responsible of any bad equipment choice, because the Vendor is never supposed to have the competence nor the expertise of his Customers.
It thus rests on Professionals Users to make by themselves a right opinion about digital imaging technologies the Market offers, which requires true in depth digital color trainings.

The formal and practical trainings we created in France and developed since 1998 thus address to Managers of Graphic and Photographic Industries, to the repro houses, professional photographers, prepress workshop and desktop bureaus, print houses, advertising agencies, large print works buyers, vendors, distributors, and more generally addresses to all of those who wish to optimize their quality and efficiency, whichever are the origins and diffusion medias of the documents: print materials and photographs of all types, but also CD-ROM, digital cameras, video projectors, Internet, television, cinema, textile etc.

Our trainings also allow important timesavings to the developers of industrial graphic applications implementing or developing software or hardware for the image acquisition or reproduction. Our trainings help them as well as to optimize their products design and specifications so we help save saving quite a lot of time and money.

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