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Better parameters for your Photoshop 5.02 +, CSx

The RGB workspace profiles such as "Adobe RGB 98" proposed by Photoshop, Illustrator etc. have a D65 white point, increasing risks of error depending on the rendering intent you use in your I.C.C. production workflow, taking into account the recommendations of ANSI and ISO are for D50 lighting throughout the graphic chain.

The Adobe Wide Gamut profile has a D50 white point but if it is adapted to photographic applications, it has an unnecessarily broad chromatic gamut for Graphic arts for traditional CMYK printed work.

The European Colour Initiative committee (ECI) thus recommends a workspace better adapted to the requirements and output norms, and publishes a free RGB profile workspace named ECI RGB.

Below the 2D comparison of ECI RGB and cromalin Eurosprint color gamut, in the C.I.E. xyY absolute space of colors, and in C.I.E. Lab space:

Comparison of cromalin and ECI-RGB color gamuts in CIE xyY 1931 colorspace Comparison of cromalin and ECI-RGB color gamuts in CIE Lab 2* colorspace

Please note that you can YOURSELF make these comparisons and carry out these images FREE, by downloading:

  • ProfilesMaker V 5 or higher software, in Mac or PC version
    Even without the dongle, the I.C.C. Profile Editor module will enable you to carry out these views.
  • Our free Colorsource cromalin Eurosprint I.C.C. profile
  • Free RGB workspace ECI RGB I.C.C. profile promoted by the European Colour Initiative committee
  • See also Colorsource best RGB workspace: The printing press virtual RGB color space computed by Colorsource ICC_Profile_Convertor application. Follow this Link

... And thank you to all those who work for the standardization of the tools and methods for Graphic Industries and professional photography...

Bellow, the color gamut comparison of the ECI RGB and cromalin Eurosprint in 3D, in C.I.E. Lab space :

3D comparison of Fogra 39 and ECI-RGB color gamuts in CIE Lab 2* colorspace

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