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Color expertise, engineering and software solutions for all industries.

Engineering services

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12 years of services to all Industries who want in depth mastering of their colors reproduction by all digital and traditional means, for enjoying much better quality and productivity with much lower costs:

Our services of audit, technical support and engineering allow you mastering the most advanced concepts of color science and applying them for solving all your color reproduction problems. All not only in Graphic Industries: Colorsource have been participating since 10 years to numerous engineering projects that include developing and implementing advanced color calibration algorithms that outperform standard market software tools or usefully supplement them, for finalizing new standard industrial products (e.g. Automotive industries, packaging, microbiology).

For example:

Optimizing color reproduction by CAD-CAM software using spectral ray-tracing,

Optimizing multispectral reflection and transmission image acquisition on N bands. Optimizing the choice of bands depending on requested costs and remote color measurement accuracy,

Optimizing RGB or else image acquisition devices and attached image processing software for optimizing their color reproduction accuracy,

Optimizing fast color inkjet printers for packaging applications,

Optimizing on-press soft proofing on RGB monitors for print industries.

The standard software tools we have developed for Graphic Industries:

Allow all print houses involved in Publishing and Packaging checking their CMYK inks, checking their special inks, and optimizing their offset, gravure and flexographic press runs, including all CMYK and N-Colors press runs. And this with using the best standard, accurate, and low-cost measurement tools.

Free, reliable, and up to date information in French and English on our three websites: (Present site, English) (Present site, French version) (Solutions for Graphic Industries, English version) (Solutions for Graphic Industries, French version).

Colorsource vocational trainings:

Allow you much better use of all your existing H/W and S/W production tools, and allow you much better design and investment choices.

Printed Communication Industries have been deeply impacted by the 2008 US banksters crisis. But nearly ALL Graphic Arts Companies that understood their Human Capital is much more important than their Machines Capital are performing well through this crisis.

But we still find today a vast majority of Print Houses have very limited basic knowledge not only of Color Science, but also of their traditional hardware and software production tools: The production tools user's guides are often just ignored, and moreover these user's guides can be of no use when a lot of basic knowledge and understanding of digital imaging is missing.

Many Print Houses and Repro Houses need vocational training including the acquisition of the basic principles. Multiplying new hardware or marketing investments will be of very little help if the basic understanding is missing.


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