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Colorsource offers you a complete point about PANTONE and other special inks

Everything you should know in 2024 about PANTONE and else spot colors:

Colorsource offers you a complete point about Pantone and other special inks for their best use with desktop publishing applications, with digital printing, and with printing presses.

Download this 22 pages document:

The complete June 2021 ISO12647-2-3-4-6-7 and G7/IDEAlliance standards summary

Balinese dancers

Colorsource ISO 12647 and G7/IDEAlliance CMYK standards summary updated June 2021:

This 51 pages PDF document is summarizing the necessary information:

1) For setting your printing presses matching ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance standards,

2) For producing your color proofs complying with ISO12647-7 on a simple A3+ EPSON inkjet costing less than 300 US$,

3) For controlling all CMYK color proofs using freeware, according to ISO 12642, ISO 12647-7 or IDEAlliance standards, or by using more relevant techniques,

4) For making optimized ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance (GRACoL & SWOP) color separations,

5) For downloading affordable applications allowing you fast and easy ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance press settings, with using very affordable and flexible measurement instruments such as Eye-One Pro family, or Techkon or else fast scanning spectrophotometers,

6) For knowing ISO12647-2:2013 version and understanding its limits,

7) For updating and enhancing your CMYK ISO or G7/IDEAlliance ICC profiles.

You will find at the end of this PDF document all useful Internet links for downloading additional technical information, the readymade generic CMYK ISO ICC profiles, and the official characterization data allowing you computing your own enhanced CMYK ISO profiles.

A free brand new application for controlling your CMYK proofs and prints

MagicPress application icon
MagicPrepress application icon

Our free application Magic_Proof_&_Print_Control allows you best and fastest control of all your CMYK (plus one to ten inks) colors proofs :

This application is FREE software and allows you faster, easier and more reliable control of any CMYK proof... and MUCH more:

Save a LOT of time and PAPER, and boost your print quality and productivity with Colorsource MagicPress and MagicPrepress applications:

Thanks to the prepress and pressroom software applications we have developed for you, a basic X-Rite i1Pro 1, 2 or 3 costing less than 1000 Euros, or else modern scanning connected spectrophotometer such as Konica-Minolta MYIRO, replace quite advantageously the best and most expensive proprietary pressroom spectrophotometers such as eXact 2 or FD7, for all your color printing applications using offset, gravure and flexographic technologies: Much more productive AND much cheaper.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress applications allow all Print Houses to significantly enhance their print quality, and allow all Print Buyers diagnose quite accurately any color quality problem.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress allow you managing all your ONE to TEN colors print standards with or without a CMYK base, on all your one to ten colors printing presses.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress can process any CGATS spectral (or non-spectral) One to Ten colors chart measurement file with classic spectral ranges such as 380-730, or 400-700 nm or else.

Do not hesitate asking us remote support and demos using Microsoft Teams or Zoom applications!

Movie Theaters

Romain Meffre and Yves Marchand publish their book "Movie Theaters" at Prestel:


Making-off (Arte TV/ Tracks):

CMYK press test form very small

Free and universal CMYK print test forms for fast and easy setting of all your printing presses:

The 100 x 70 cm CMYK test form can be cropped down to a 70 x 50 cm, or to a 50 x 35 cm test form. The base 50 x 35 cm test form includes all the CMYK charts you need for easily matching all your printing presses to ISO12647-2-3-4-6 or IDEAlliance standards. On the beautiful and colorful theme of Indonesian colors, this CMYK test forms offers you, beyond all technical requirements, a full set of color photography's allowing you full control of your printing and proofing systems. This universal test form is supplemented by two SRA3 CMYK forms for small format presses.


CMYK_Backgrounds application icon

With CMYK_Backgrounds application, optimize your print works on colored or transparent medias, with or without white ink:

CMYK + RGB colors when printing on red substrate with different numbers of white ink layers

Still to be reminded in Print Industries:

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