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Short and effective trainings to digital color

Fogra 39 CMYK test image converted to sRGB
Cover of a Colorsource training course
5004 K plankian illuminant spectrum and 1931 xyz human vision curves

The formal and practical training to digital color that we set up and enriched since 1998 addresses to the Manager of Graphic and Photographic Industries.

This training also allows important timesavings to the Developers of industrial graphic applications and hardware including printers, image acquisitions devices and their drivers.

Example of an in depth training course:

  • Theory of color and the digital imaging: 2 days

  • General practice day: 1 day.

  • Later technical support for Color Management equipments
    starting and implementation plan: 1 day

  • Later knowledge assessment and consolidation: 1 day.

Transparency and perenniality of Colorsource training courses:

The success of the short trainings rests on personal work and investment of the Attendants after each training course, the session being intended for understanding well each key point and the logic of induced processing and production methods.
All of our trainings are thus supplemented with complete documents courses allowing a good assimilation of knowledge, which can be specifically adapted or developed if needed about any specific color management problems you would have.

Explain, to get everybody adhesion:

The trainings are adapted to the needs and basic knowledge of all image industries professionals, without ever sacrificing the rigor and accuracy of information.

To be understood, remembered, and put into practice, any rule must be proven true. A successful training will enable you to fully analyze the past methods, and understand the present tools and methods, in order to use and/or choose them as well as possible; but also you will be able to anticipate their evolutions.

Because working tools and methods do nothing but converge - with unequal success - to specifications dictated by physical... and economic realities.

You will escape all of these simple, brilliant, and false ideas so much widespread in Communication Industries... because of the magic of beautiful images?

For a true transfer of competences:

Today quality Color Management equipment's are affordable by the smallest creative and prepress studios, and even by the impassioned amateurs!

Colorsource thus does not propose any color calibration service, but only the advices, the formal and practical trainings and adapted support, which will quickly allow you to master fully your production tools by yourself, thanks to a true transfer of competences.

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